Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my Vending Machine?

We’ll show you but it also comes with a detailed instruction manual.  Setup is less than 15 minutes with a Phillips screwdriver.

How many toys fit in the VeeFriends Toy Vending Machine?

The VeeFriends Vending Machine holds 1,000 toys.

Why do the vending packages start at $750?

Due to the cost of the machines, toys, and operating expenses this is a fair value for both the consumer and VeeFriends.

How many toys can I buy?

VeeFriends Toys have a limited production much like a super short print run on a sports card.  As we progress we may increase the runs based on the number of VeeFriends Toy Vending Machines that are in the marketplace.  So purchase your supply of VeeFriends Toy Vending Machines or hold.

How many machines would I need to purchase to make this investment worthwhile?

Whether you choose to purchase 1 and re-invest into more machines or purchase 50 off the bat.  Your investment and ROI are based on your effort and the locations where you choose to place the machines.  

Is there a warranty or guarantee included with the machines?

Yes, the machines have a manufactures warranty of 6 months for any mechanical defects.  These are very robust machines and will last for years with the right care and upkeep.

What is the maintenance required for these machines?

Little or no maintenance is required.  All that we ask is you take pride in your machine and that every time you service it that you clean and wipe it down.  Like a new car, you want to always put your best foot forward by keeping it clean and shiny!

What is the profit margin for each toy sold?

On average a vending machine owner can look to profit over 275% on their toy investment. 

How many machines do you recommend for my business size?

This is up to you and your traffic as these machines can be placed not only in your business but surrounding businesses across the community. 

Are there any specific requirements for the location where the machines will be placed?

These machines operate best indoors and near high-traffic areas of entrances and checkout facilities. 

Can the machines accept different forms of payment, such as credit cards or mobile payments?

The machines only accept quarters

What is the lifespan of the machines?

These machines should last for many, many, many, many, years.

Do you offer ongoing support for operating and maintaining the machines?

Yes all the information will be supplied in the manuals. 

How many different types of toys are available for vending machines?

Currently we are releasing Season 1 and Season 2 toy lines. Which include 10 characters each from the VeeFriends line.  The plan is to release at least 2 NEW Seasons a year with some surprises along the way. 

What age range do the toys cater to?

Typically these toys appeal best to 5-11-year-olds with a balance between genders. 

How often are the characters updated?

There will be multiple seasons of toys, and each season will have different characters.

Can I customize the appearance of the vending machines to fit my store's aesthetic?

Due to the production of the vending machines, we advise you not to make any changes to the appearance of the machine. 

Is there a minimum order quantity for the toys?

Yes, 1500 toy capsules (6 bags)

What is the process for ordering and receiving new toys?

Please reach out to the a Vending team member, or email

How durable are the toys and how likely are they to break?

They are made of rubber so highly durable

How is best to dispose of the toys? Are they recyclable?

Most rubber can be recycled.

Are the toys tested for safety and compliance with industry standards? Choking hazard?

Yes, and the appropriate safety messages comply with current industry standards. 

How easy is it to refill the vending machines with new toys?

Yes, filling a machine should take less than 5 minutes.

What happens if a customer puts in money but the vending machine fails to dispense a toy?

As this does happen we ask the consumer to talk to the front desk and either get a refund or call a number on the machine.  We recommend that the person who owns the machine places their contact information and a serial number on each machine so that if a machine is empty, they want a machine at their location or if they didn't get a toy they can handle the issue.

How do I get money out of the machine?

There are two locked and secure coin boxes on the machine.

Is there a contact person who can help with any questions about the vending machine?

For all questions regarding vending machines, please email us at

Why don’t Series 1 holders get machines for a discount or free?

This is a new line of business for VeeFriends where we are giving the opportunity to any and all small business owners & entrepreneurs a like to be apart of this exciting business venture. 

Are these toys biodegradable? Will they be around for the next 55 years?

These toys are made of rubber and can also be used as an eraser.

What if my vending machine gets vandalized? Is there insurance that VeeFriends provides or recommends?

VeeFriends does not provide any insurance. If your machine gets vandalized, we suggest contacting your company insurance and emailing VeeFriends at to let them know of the situation. 

Are we allowed to list them online as well or are we only allowed to sell in our storefront?

The Machine and Toys are meant for physical locations, but once you buy the machine & toys, because they are yours, you have the option to sell them online.

Was this not a private "invite" thing? What happens if SBOs that weren't on the call apply? Will they get the opportunity over some ppl that were on the call?

The Zoom call was a private invite, meaning there was a process to see what businesses would fit best for this opportunity. As  is now live, other businesses are able to apply. The businesses on the Zoom call were the first to know about applying. We marketed this via a blog post and selected the businesses we saw the best fit.

What is stopping some SBOs from buying bags of these Squishies and just holding on to them for themselves and trying to flip them on eBay?

While this business model is set up for physical sale and that’s what we recommend businesses do. Once a business becomes an approved vendor and purchases a package, they own the product and are able to do what they like with it. 

What's the minimum reorder amount?

The minimum reorder amount is 6 bags of toys (250 toys per bag)

If we are given series 1&2 at the same time, do we need to only put it series 1 and then we get a notification about series 2 and when to put them out? Or mix them in together?

You are able to mix Season 1 and Season 2 toys together. Once a season has sold out, it will never be released again. More variety brings customers back!

If I only need 1 machine but want to order more Minis to arrive with the machine, is that possible?

We are currently only selling products in the selected packages. If you need to refill your machine with toys, you can reach out to the vending sales team.